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Backpacking Adventures: How to Get Prepared

backpackersIf you have been dreaming about a backpacking trip for as long as you can remember, the key to a successful journey will begin with proper planning. Below are a few tips that will help you prepare for your big trip.

Study the Destination

One of the main attractions of backpacking is the relative freedom that you have from a set itinerary. This freedom should not be confused with poor planning, however, and does not mean you should not have a rough outline of the places you want to go, and the sites you want to see, before you leave home. If you know that you want to go on a backpacking trip across Europe for 30 days, it is a good idea to at least have a guidebook in hand that clues you in on some of the best destinations to go. If you do not think this far in advance, you may miss out on something that you would have really liked to see, that is only a country or two away, and in a place that could have easily been reached by train.

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Best Ways to Immortalize Travel Adventure

Immortalize Travel AdventureTraveling is fun but sometimes storing all the fun in your brain is not enough to satisfy a person's crave for nostalgia. When you get back home after a really great vacation, is re-living the travel experience with your friends, or love ones, enough to make you happy? Will your memory remember every details of that journey?

You can actually do something more to help you relive the best moments that happened in your vacation. Here are great ideas to immortalize your journey:

Write a Blog

Opening a blog is free and easy. After registering for an account, you can now post write-ups of all the places you have been to. You can use your own writing style to make it very personal. For a travel blog, it is important that you include pictures to supplement the articles. This is to improve visual impact of your story. Also, it helps break the monotony created by long articles. This is important if you want to share your blog to your friends, who like you, want to relive the experience.

Travel blogs may also include reviews on a particular destination, hotel, restaurant or service. Base your reviews on how your experience was. Blogs may also publish travel guides for readers who want to experience the same vacation.

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Top 10 Outback Experiences

Outback ExperiencesBy definition the Outback is “the remote and usually uninhabited inland region of Australia” which doesn’t draw the picture of an amazing vacation experience for many people. However, if you’re brave enough, there are plenty of awe inspiring experiences to be had:

Buy an Aboriginal “Dreamtime” painting – from the original artist

The Aborigines believe that Dreamtime or Creation Time is the period when Baayama (god) and his ancestral spirit deity created and helped shape the world. They are often specific to the individual area and describe its unique history and contain the morals and Lore of the culture. Laverton Outback Gallery is located about 960 km north-east from Perth and works in cooperation with the Wongi people. The town itself has a rich history in mining, King Penguins, and economic bubbles and collapses.

Watch Uluru (Ayers Rock) turn into a shimmering red-rock giant

Uluru rises 348 meters into the sky and dominates almost 2 square kilometers of the flat landscape of Australia’s Northern Territory. Sacred to the Anangu, the area has been their home for thousands of years with archaeological evidence showing human life as far back as 30,000 years. Known as the “red giant”, Uluru is painted astounding hues of red, orange, purple, and yellow every sunrise and set with viewing areas as the main tourist attraction of many Downunder vacations. Through cooperation with the Anangu and Australian government the culture and land is preserved for future generations of locals and visitors.

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If You Could Live Anywhere in the World, Where Would It Be? Our Top Five List

Best Places to LiveFinding the perfect place to live is something that everyone desires, but very few people ever have the opportunity to do so. For most people, finances will be the primary reason that they cannot do this, but for other people, they simply have a hard time choosing between the many wonderful places in the world. If you are in the process of trying to choose a perfect place to live, then read ahead for some exciting suggestions.

Dubai, UAE

No top five list can ever be complete without Dubai, UAE. Dubai, is located on the Arabian Gulf and is the capital of United Arab Emirates. Though the climate is extremely hot and very dry, living here will give you the opportunity to view a renowned arts and historical scene, and you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures in this one city. Aside from that, Dubai is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world with brilliant attractions such as the Dubai Fountains to Dolphin Bay. Additionally, with the many stores, you will be able to shop for all of the latest designs in many high-end stores. You're list of things to do and things to see will never be lacking.

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Top 10 Famous Beaches Across the World

Best BeachesBeaches have attracted holiday makers for decades. The sun, the sand and the waves always make it a memorable experience. They are the perfect getaways for a party, for solitude or to be with family.

Plethora of activities such as taking a sun bath, spending a vibrant night out in the open,  walking around the coastline, indulging in water sports are possible on the beaches today.  They are the perfect locations to relax, breathe in the fresh air and let go of your worries. Before you plan your next trip, have a look at the list of the coolest ten beaches in the world. 

1. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

On the east side of Harbour Island, you find the pinkest beaches in the whole world. The beach with its spectacular views is a favorite with nature lovers. Walking on the pink sand gives one a memorable experience that feels most amazing.

2. Sidari, Greece

The unusual cliff formations on this Greek island are known as ‘channels of love’. It is believed that couples swimming together in these waters stays together all their life. It is famous for two small villages connected, to make one large resort.

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Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Chinatowns across the USA

ChinatownThe start of a new Lunar New Year, the Year of the Horse, begins Friday January 31st. Celebrations take place over a 15-day period, which may include fireworks and lively parades with dancing lions and dragons, as well as spending time with family and friends.

Though people from many countries uphold Lunar New Year traditions, it is commonly associated with the people of China. However, it doesn’t take a visit to China or any other Asian country to partake in some of the holiday’s ancient traditions. Several Chinese enclaves are found throughout the world, and there are dozens within the United States alone.


Boston’s Chinatown is a historic and well-established neighborhood located just south of the Beacon Hill and Downtown areas. In addition to featuring an abundance of Chinese shops and eateries, Boston’s Chinatown was once home to a garment district, and is now home to the Washington Street Theater District.

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