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Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Chinatowns across the USA

ChinatownThe start of a new Lunar New Year, the Year of the Horse, begins Friday January 31st. Celebrations take place over a 15-day period, which may include fireworks and lively parades with dancing lions and dragons, as well as spending time with family and friends.

Though people from many countries uphold Lunar New Year traditions, it is commonly associated with the people of China. However, it doesn’t take a visit to China or any other Asian country to partake in some of the holiday’s ancient traditions. Several Chinese enclaves are found throughout the world, and there are dozens within the United States alone.


Boston’s Chinatown is a historic and well-established neighborhood located just south of the Beacon Hill and Downtown areas. In addition to featuring an abundance of Chinese shops and eateries, Boston’s Chinatown was once home to a garment district, and is now home to the Washington Street Theater District.

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Valentine's Day in Sorrento

Sunset, SorrentoValentine's Day, the lover's Holiday is at our door. In fact we are just less than one month away from one of the most romantic days that there is throughout the year, in particular, of course, for those who are in love.

Going beyond the consumer side of this day, which is about purchasing chocolates, flowers and much more, without a doubt it is nice to devote ourselves entirely to the caring of our relationship, spending a beautiful day, maybe different from the usual, with our partner.

The first thing to do is to choose the perfect place to go and let's be honest, the romantic location is a must in such cases. In Italy there is a large choice of opportunities, but on this occasion we would like to focus on one of the places that have inspired love songs, poems and works of every kind: Sorrento.

Only upon arriving in Sorrento Peninsula one immediately realizes being in the presence of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Along the road that leads from Naples to Sorrento, you will enjoy, landscapes and scenes of absolute beauty, where you will begin to rejuvenate your spirit, in the city of Sorrento, just before  arriving in the city of the Sirens.

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Travel Hungry? 4 Hottest Places to Visit for 2014

beautiful placesOne of the hottest places to visit in 2014 is actually quite cold. Sochi, Russia will play host to the 2014 Winter Olympic games between February 7th and the 23rd. It'll be the first big travel destination of the New Year. The Sochi Olympics will be the most expensive in history with a price tag that exceeds 50 billion dollars.

There are brand new tourist destinations constructed just for the Olympics and a literal microcosm of the sporting world on hand.

Miami, Florida

Another hot destination for 2014 is Miami, Florida in the USA. This tropical paradise is a year-round tourist haven for travelers who seek adventure, fun, culture and romance. The best way to cap off your year is a visit to Miami during the international Art Basel festival in December. An entire world of fine art explodes on the scene in Miami during Art Basel. You can sample a variety of visual masterpieces from exquisite gallery pieces to graffiti street art.

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Backpacking Through Europe? 6 Packing Tips to Maximize Your Space

Backpacking Through EuropeWhether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned veteran, the chance to backpack through Europe is an opportunity that's just too good to miss. Backpacking lets you take your adventures off the beaten track and experience Europe in a way that wouldn't be possible if you were hauling around multiple pieces of luggage. Finding room for everything that you need for your travels, however, can be challenging. Use these six savvy packing tips to maximize your space.

1. Keep Weight Distribution in Mind

For optimal comfort, the heaviest item in your backpack should be placed close to your spine in the center of the pack. Placing heavy items too low in the pack will cause it to sag and put strain on your back. A top-heavy load makes the pack feel as if it's about to tip over. Try packing the backpack a couple of different ways and find the right order what is the most comfortable for you. This is going to be on your back for however long your trip is, it is worth putting in the time to be comfortable over that time period.

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Vacationing in Style; 5 Places That Stand-Out Above the Rest

Vacationing in StylePeople who are interested in traveling in style can choose from many desirable locations. Many of the top travel destinations feature luxury accommodations and fun activities that are appropriate for people of all ages. Here are five of the top vacation spots:

New York City

The bright lights and hustle and bustle add to the appeal of this world-renowned metropolis. The borough of Manhattan boasts popular places such as Times Square, Central Park and the Empire State Building. Visitors who wish to explore the borough of Brooklyn can either walk or drive across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx, which are the city’s other boroughs, also feature a variety of fun activities. No visit to this city would be complete without taking a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

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5 Restaurants to Try When Visiting Boston

5 Restaurants to Try When Visiting BostonBoston is famous for more than just its creamy clam chowder, baked beans, and salty shellfish. The New England town is brimming with restaurants -- nearly 2,400 in fact. With so many places to sit and dine, it's hard to decide which ones are worthy of visiting on your trip to Boston. Read on to see 5 restaurants worthy of your time when you are visiting.

75 Chestnut

Voted Best Beacon Hill Restaurant in 2011 by Boston Magazine, 75 Chestnut is a casual watering hole for locals and visitors alike. They serve everything from chowder and shrimp to burgers, chili, and fish and chips at very decent prices. Be prepared to wait in line, though, because 75 Chestnut is always brimming with eaters ready to satisfy their pallets.  This is a great place to visit for lunch, but try to go early or late in the afternoon rather than during the 12-1 rush.

Mei Mei

If you'd rather spend your time sightseeing instead of sitting down in restaurants, be sure to check out the Mei Mei food truck. Mei Mei dishes out creative Chinese-American street food like no other place around. All of their food is locally sourced, fresh, and constantly changing. If you don't feel like tracking down their truck on StreetFoodApp, they also have a restaurant in Boston that you can sit down and enjoy.  Either way, your in for a treat.

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